Monday, September 24, 2007

DeLeon Homecoming 2007

This past Friday DeLeon celebrated their Homecoming. Since the twins' cousins Tanner and Cody both play football on the varsity team and Cody was nominated for Homecoming King, Mom and the girls made the journey from Seminole to DeLeon to attend the festivities. They met up with Mimi, Aunt Chelle, Cousin Bailey, and Cousin Neeley to cheer on the Bearcats at the Friday afternoon Pep Rally and then headed out for the game on Friday night.

While the outcome of the game could have been better, the team played hard -- we all think Cousins Cody and Tanner were especially good :) -- and the girls had a great time cheering them on. Before the game the Homecoming Queen and King nominees were presented. Cousin Cody was escorted by his mom (Aunt Chelle).

After the game both Cody and Tanner met up with us for a photo op with the twins --

Cody & Faith and Tanner & Hope

To see more pictures of DeLeon Homecoming click here (Click on the "i" on the first slide to see captions).

There were lots of other activities over the weekend spent at Aunt Karen's house, playing with Cousins Neeley and Slade, seeing new baby cousin Jake, and watching Cousin Bailey play in a volleyball game but you'll have to wait for another post for those pictures!

NOTE - After a long hiatus Mimi has returned. Wrapping up a two year project in New York City, moving back to Texas, getting settled in my new home, and hitting the road traveling every week since early June has just taken so much time and energy that there hasn't really been much time for serious blogging. Mom has done a great job posting but the writing part just isn't her favorite thing and says she's too happy to pass the baton back to Mimi. I have many pictures to share so will be continually adding them as I try to keep up with current posts -- more about that later -- but glad to be back!

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