Monday, April 30, 2007

Having Fun on a Spring Afternoon



This past weekend Mom and the girls had some fun taking pictures --

Love those pigtails :)

To see more pictures click the image below or to see them in a slide show click here.

Friday, April 27, 2007

The FFFF Challenge this week -- Gotcha Day Clothes!

I'm not sure how Donna over at Double Happiness! thinks up these challenges but she certainly has a creative mind!

I wasn't sure whether "the Mom" would be up for this one. She had put the girls "Gotcha Day" clothes away as soon as they returned from China as she was afraid that if the girls saw them it would bring back memories of a very difficult day in their little lives. Of course they have done very well adjusting and seem to be such happy little girls these days so she decided to give it a shot.

Not too bad of a fit, just of bit short in length -- of course they also aren't wearing the several layers underneath that they had on on Gotcha Day. I remember Mom telling me (Mimi)that everything they were wearing appeared to be new.

What a difference 6+ months make, even in the same clothes!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Just Love These Girls!

Mimi misses seeing these girls so much and I so much enjoy getting these fun pictures where you just see how much fun (and sometimes not :) that they have. To see the world from a two year old's eyes -- the delight and wonder and surprise -- enjoy.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fun With Bubbles!

A Big Thanks to Aunt Chelle, Cody, Tanner & Bailey! They recently sent a Dora Bubble Machine to the girls and the twins love it!

What is it about bubbles that can just seem to brighten a day or bring a smile to one's face? Bubbles seem to be one of those 'must haves' that many parents traveling to China to get their little ones take along -- you see evidence in so many pictures posted on blogs during that time. I know the Mom and Dad did and the twins really responded to those bubbles with giggles and glee. Whether your blowing them or chasing them they are just fun! It's fun to try for those little bitty bubbles and those very large bubbles, and what about when you can create a whole string of bubbles all linked together? And they always have that shimmery iridescent look about them that are so pretty reflecting the sun -- can you tell Mimi loves bubbles too? Guess your never too old for bubble fun :)

Enjoy some pictures of the girls having fun with their new bubble machine --

I just love those giggles and can't wait to see these sweet girls again -- just 39 more days!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Garrett & Colton

Garrett and Colton are two cousins the twins haven't yet had a chance to meet. In fact since they live far away in Seattle, Mimi and the rest of the gang don't get to see them often either! Their Mom, Aunt Linda has just started a blog for the boys and we have really enjoyed being able to keep "in touch" a little better.

Colton on the left and Garrett on the right

Friday, April 20, 2007

This week's Double Happiness! Foto Challenge is "Toddler Art"!

Well, we've got toddlers and they love art so here's an example of some of their masterpieces. This is one of their favorite activities at Ruth's House where they go to PreSchool.

Here are the girls with their crayons and coloring books, so far they haven't 'painted' any wall murals, wonder when they will get around to that! :)

Faith - "Look, Mom"



Can you guess which twin did which pictures? And no cheating by looking at the names:) Hint - Hope is VERY NEAT and specific about anything she does (and she LOVES sunglasses) while Faith is much more spontaneous and um, messy? Which frustrates her sister to no end.

This last "art" was created especially for Dad!! with a wee bit of help from Mom?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Twins say "Congratulations!"

To cousins Cody and Tanner Welch for advancing to Regionals in Track and Field --

Cody, a Junior at DeLeon High School qualified in Pole Vaulting and Tanner, a Freshman at DeLeon High School qualified in the 300 Hurdles -- great job!
(Note:Mimi is very proud of her grandsons too!)

Tanner and Cody just hangin out between events

Tanner (Mimi doesn't do such a great job of taking action shots :)


And further Congratulations to Cody and to DeLeon High School for making it to State in One Act Play Competition for "The Beggar's Opera"!

A portion of the article in the Abilene Reporter News --
"Saturday was an emotional day for the cast of De Leon High School's "The Beggar's Opera." While the students were competing in a regional UIL one-act play contest in Abilene, they were thinking of a classmate in the hospital following a serious traffic accident on Easter.

Students dedicated their performance to their classmate Kelsey Menzel, who was undergoing a third surgery for her injuries, and then went on to qualify for the state University Interscholastic League one-act play contest.

"We have a tight-knit group that can pull together through anything," said Terra Jobe, De Leon High School theater director. "They were able to prove that this week."

Menzel, who was to have been in the play, is listed in stable condition at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth."

We're sending lots of special prayers Kelsey's way and know she was with the group in spirit last Saturday.

Kevin Smith, Cody Welch, Brody Hammonds, & Hunter Golden striking a pose after advancing to Regionals

Dress Rehearsal

Monday, April 16, 2007

The girls like this "Pet" the best :)



Silly dancing girls


Hope and Faith




Hope and Faith

"Look at these pretty flowers!"

Faith - "Think I'll just pick this one."

Faith - "Ok Mom, but can I pick these?"



Hope - "Bye bye"

Friday, April 13, 2007

This weeks' Double Happiness! Family FotoFun Friday Challenge is "Pets". This is certainly something the twins have lots of!!

The girls are still pretty scared of most of the animals but Faith seems to be getting more comfortable around them than Hope. They are still very afraid of the "BIG DOGS" though -- a chihuahua and a terrier mix ;)

They've just had a new litter a kittens and Mom let the girls bring two in the house for a photo shoot --

Faith decides to take over both of the kittens

This is the first lamb born after the girls came home and Faith was willing to get pretty close -- Hope wouldn't even come near the pen.

Two of the newest baby lamps.

Hope on the left and Faith on the right.

The girls watering the sheep -- when you have this many pets, there's bound to be chores!

Taking a break.

Baby Llama

Mamma Llama

Honky Donkey

Standing watch -- the llamas and the donkey guard the sheep from "Wild Things".

I had to come back and add this picture -- it's MY kitty (Silver), who now lives with the twins because Mimi travels so much. I do miss her and am always glad to get a chance to visit her as well as the girls! Funny thing about this picture, Mom took it sometime last year and somehow managed to save it on her camera in such a way that it could NOT be deleted so whenever she started sending pictures from China last October, this was always the first picture I would see -- imagine being SO excited to see my new little granddaughters and what pops up but a cat! :)