Friday, February 09, 2007

The Why of Hope and Faith (written by Mimi) --

Hope and Faith have two JieJies -- Rachel and Madelyn and a GeGe -- Yates. In August of 2004 they were all killed by a drunk driver. Rachel was 10, Madelyn 6, and little Yates only 1 month old. While they can never be replaced, their parents felt that they had lots of love to give and an empty home and hearts to fill so decided to adopt from China. They started the process, hoped for twins, and waited. On the second anniversary of the wreck they received a call -- there were two little girls waiting for them in China. Twins. Hope and Faith.

Hope and faith have gotten all of us through these past few years and Hope and Faith will continue to fill our lives with love and laughter. We will never forget Rachel, Madelyn and Yates and will make sure that their MeiMeis will know all about them.

To see a recent news cast of their story click here. This is the local CBS station in Odessa Texas. The video is titled "Hope, Faith, and Love". I'm not sure how long this link will be good. (NOTE: It appears the above link is no longer working but the link to the NBC story listed below continues to work.) You can also see another video here. It is the local NBC station in Lubbock Texas from May 2005 but the link continues to work, just click on the video camera icon above the pictures to the right of the story.


Rachel, Madelyn, and Yates