Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Day 7 in China - GOTCHA DAY!!!
These are the beautiful Lindsey Twins, Faith Marie and Hope Marie
Update at bottom of this post-

This has been quite the eventful day (and night for us back home waiting for the pictures)! When they got the girls, Dirk has Faith and Tara has Hope. And you can see the girls aren't too happy to be there! Tara said they were very scared and cried loud and a lot but after they got them to the room they settled down and seemed more content. They have really taken to Dirk but aren't too sure of Tara just yet. Tara of course immediately dressed them up and they all went for a stroll through the hotel. Hope has the big white bow and Faith the smaller blue one (Tara says they don't seem to mind the hair bows at all, good thing too!) They talk to each other and share cheerios and like to hold hands. They seem very happy to finally be with their Mom and Dad who seem to be quite taken with them too!!

They have not gotten their computer hooked up yet in the room and Tara couldn't get to her email so please bare with them regarding messages until we can get this latest technical difficulty worked out -- Mimi has to return to NYC today so it might be tonight or tomorrow before we get that done. Please continue to send comments and well wishes as they will be able to see them soon.

Aren't they beautiful!!!!

UPDATE: Another conversation with Tara and Dirk - the girls are doing great, still seem to be more comfortable with Dirk but are warming up to Tara. They've had dinner and are great little eaters, especially Hope who seems to like everything! They are potty trained and drink from a sippy cup. They interact with each other very well and share their toys, at least for the most part -- but NOT with Dad! (Dirk tried to pick up one of their toys and Hope promptly spanked his hand :-) They are enjoying watching their Cinderella video but Faith seems more interested in her cell phone (takes after Mom and Mimi already!!) They weigh in at a big 22 pounds and are 32 inches tall - Tara says their 12 month clothes fit fine but thinks they may be in 18 months soon, especially if they keep up their eating habits. They love to go walking and want to hold your hand, very tight. They loved their bath and were getting ready to go down for the night. They took an hour and a half nap earlier and slept very well in their cribs, but we'll see how that holds out for the night as they are accustom to sleeping with their foster mother. Mom and Dad say "they are perfect and beautiful", they are VERY happy and excited to finally be able to hold them in their arms.

Tara and Dirk have taken lots of video but we will probably have to wait until they return before we get a peek at those -- hopefully there will be more pictures tonight or tomorrow. I'm signing off and headed to the airport, enjoy those pictures!