Friday, March 30, 2007

The Double Happiness! Family FotoFun Friday Challenge this week is all about the bunny -- The Easter Bunny! This isn't an easy one for us because the girls haven't had the opportunity to visit said Easter Bunny yet and since Mimi will not be available this weekend to post and doesn't want to be as late as she was last week, we've just had to 'make do'.

Here are some pictures Mom took of the girls and their bunnys and lambs (with some Easter eggs and Easter grass thrown in for fun). These girls are getting bigger all the time, I'm loving these "big girl" bows too! Go here to see more pictures.

Hope and Faith



This is a picture of the twins' cousins, Garrett and Colton, taken last Easter. They live in Seattle and haven't yet had a chance to meet the girls -- maybe this summer?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dear Charlie:

What's up? We've been seeing you hanging out with all those OTHER Twins! Just remember, we saw you first!!

We hear your getting a new house really soon. We've got new lambs! I hope you like your new house and if you have room in your new yard maybe we'll send one of our new baby lambs to you.

Well, our Mom's calling us to dinner so we better go but we hope to see you again sometime.

Hope and Faith

Charlie, Hope, and Faith when they met in China

A gentleman always helps a lady with her cup

Sunday, March 25, 2007

This week's FFFF over at Double Happiness! is "Bubbles". The twins really enjoy playing with bubbles (and so does Mimi :) Unfortunately the only pictures we have of the girls enjoying bubbles are these taken the day after their "Gotcha Day" last October, they do seem to be having a great time!

These are pictures taken of Rachel and Madelyn, the girls' jiejies when they were visiting me and their Papaw in 2001, they loved playing with bubbles in the tub :)

I'm amazed! Those twins have gotten dirty!!

If you saw the video of the girls at their birthday party, you'll recall they have a 'little' problem with NOT wanting to be dirty -- hands, face, whatever ---- Anyway, they seem to have gotten past all of that and are really enjoying playing in their sandbox these days. They seem to really enjoy cake afterwards too, especially Faith!









Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Love, Hope and Faith

Well, I know it's Wednesday (and Wednesday afternoon at that) but didn't want to miss out on all of the Family FotoFun Friday Challenge fun Donna at Double Happiness! planned for this past Friday so here you are!

FEET -- Mimi so loves those little feet!

These next two are when the girls had their toenails painted for the first time, they seemed to know just what to do -- blow to dry them quick :)



The girls have not been visiting Heike and Sarah over at
Random Thoughts so I'm not sure where Faith learned how to do whatever it is she is doing!!

Fun with Feet!

Monday, March 12, 2007

This past Saturday the girls made their first trip to the zoo. Mom and the twins went to visit Aunt Chelle and Cousin Bailey on Friday and the rest of the gang joined them at the Ft Worth Zoo on Saturday. At least 'some' of the gang was there, Mimi was in NY and couldn't join in on the fun :( -- I really didn't like it one bit either!! Dad got left at home to tend the sheep so he missed out as well. Karen, Lisa, Angela, Slade and Neeley came from DeLeon as well as Cousins Cody and Tanner and a few of their friends.

This is Spring Break week so Mom and the girls will spend several days visiting family and friends in the Ft Worth area before heading back home. Hopefully we'll get more updates and pictures of their visit soon.

Saturday also happened to be the 5 month anniversary of the twins' "Gotcha Day" so what better place to spend it than the zoo!

To see more pictures (with captions) click here or to see them in a slide show click here.

Hope and Faith

The Gang (at least the "kids"!)

Hope, Faith, and Neeley



Faith, Neeley, Mom & Hope

Mom and her girls

Friday, March 09, 2007


Hands convey most every emotion known to man ... love, hate, happiness, anger, excitement, calm ... They caress, they hit, they wave goodby (or perhaps hello), they stop or bid you to come, they hold the symbol of love/marriage...
Hands are the method used to communicate through sign language, used by the deaf and often for babies and young children to communicate before they can verbalize.
The power of touch is felt through the hand...

What a great topic Donna at Double Happiness! has come up with for this week's FFFF Challenge!

This picture is of Madelyn's hands in prayer...

and the second is of Faith.
When I came across the picture of Faith I immediately thought of the one of Madelyn and how similar they are---

Sweet caress--

or not :)

I had such a difficult time deciding which pictures to use (a
Mimi's prerogative:) so I created a couple of collages. The first includes hands of and around the twins, the second includes hands of and around Rachel, Madelyn and Yates (taken shortly after Yates' birth)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Faith learning her ABCs with a Texas drawl:)

Monday, March 05, 2007

When Mom dressed the girls this morning Faith decided it would be neat to put her hands in her pocket -- no ideas where she would have gotten the idea but she seems to think she's pretty cute :)

Hope comes along and decides to try it out herself---

Hope - "Gee, is this how I do it?"

"I think I've got it, I AM cute!"

Faith - "Yep, aren't we though!"