Thursday, January 05, 2006

Who is Mimi?

There seems to be some confusion from time to time about who Mimi is so I decided I would post this to hopefully explain --- Mimi is the twins' maternal grandmother (Tara's Mom). My name is Donna and all of my grandchildren have always called me "Mimi". When Tara and Dirk (the twins' parents) went to China to get the girls, I took over the blog to make it easier to get daily updates and pictures posted as we knew they would be very busy and would possibly have problems posting from China. Since then I have continued being the one to post to the blog (but in Tara's name). Mom and Dad were very busy with the girls, they really didn't like to post, and I (Mimi) loved it! So it continues to be by pleasure and I will continue as long as the Mom and Dad 'allow' me to. They are very happy to keep family and friends updated and to share their story and experience, they just prefer that someone else do the "talking", something I don't have any trouble with at all :).

While I am posting this in March of 2007, I'm "hiding" it back in January 2006 because I don't want it to appear as a regular post but rather something I can link to.

This is a picture of me with Hope at the shower for Tara and the twins in October of 2006 so you can put a face with a name --