Thursday, January 05, 2006

Our long journey to our precious children
who are waiting for us to come and get them from
China and bring them home to Texas, began in 2004.
Its now 2005 and we are still waiting, not patiently
either! My husband and I decided to adopt after we
lost our three beautiful children to a drunk driver
in 2004 in Texas. We felt that we still have a lot
of love to still give and an empty heart to fill
again. So we chose to adopt from China. I will have
to say this pregnancy has been the worst - a lot
longer than 9 months. So now we just wait and wait
and wait!! Our paper work went to China in July 2005,
it was a lot of paper work! We are hoping for twins
and though not sure if this will happen - you can
always try. I do wish I had some idea of the babies
gender so that I could do something with the baby room.