Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Excuses -- Why don't I post as often as I have in the past?
I've been back in NYC and haven't seen these sweet girls since before Christmas? Mom's back at work and the girls are in Day Care so life is more hectic? Getting ready for lambing season keeps Mom and Dad busier? Mom's camera has been on the fritz for awhile? -- Hey, Dad -- we NEED a new camera!!!
Basically it's all of the above but mainly it's because Mom's camera has been acting up for awhile -- notice the nice 'glow' around the girls by the Christmas Tree on Christmas morning? -- that really wasn't Christmas Magic! Anyway, Mom has discovered that when the camera doesn't come on, if she hits it it works ok for little while so she took a few pics and sent them to me :) Maybe "the Mom and Dad" will get on over to "the city" now that things have thawed out a bit in west Texas and get a new camera? -- let's hear from you 'lurkers' cheering Mom and Dad on to get that new camera! (I'm looking for Comments here to support 'the cause'!)

Now before you start asking, the girls really DO have clothes, in fact more than most little girls that age as Mom had a children's store before going to China to get the twins but basically their preferred mode of dress is UN-dressed

Sweet girls loving Mom

Our silly girls