Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Update on Faith

Faith was released from the hospital today and is doing well -- thanks for all of the well wishes and prayers.

I'm sure Hope was quite confused with Mom not being home to tuck her in these past two nights(but I know Dad did a great job) and even more confused that Faith wasn't there. The girls often play separately but they generally aren't too far away from each other and as far as I know they have never spent any time apart, especially all night! She was able to come to the hospital and spend time and even crawled into the misting tent with her sister for awhile last night :)but when bedtime came she and Dad went home alone. I think the girls are doing very well with their attachment to Mom and Dad (as well as the rest of the family) and are very comfortable and happy with their forever family but I wonder what has gone through their minds these past few days being separated, especially Hope. Did she wonder if Mom and Faith were coming back? did she think her little world was once again being turned upside down? I am just so glad she was able to spend time with Mom and Faith (and Dad) at the hospital, and of course they are all back together again!

but not at their house! Seems that Mom and Dad are having hardwood floors put in at home and the work started yesterday. Mom said the dust and mess was just too much so they will be spending the next few days/nights in a hotel:) Hopefully the work will get done quickly and Faith (and Hope) will be getting tucked into their own little beds really soon.