Thursday, October 09, 2008

"Where Angels Play"

A Mimi Post -

Last April when the Mom, Dad, and twins were visiting in DeLeon for Cousin Cody's High School Graduation, the DeLeon Methodist Church had a special dedication service to dedicate a playground the members have lovingly built in memory of Rachel, Madelyn, and Yates and of Bruce Mix. Bruce was a great gentleman and member of the church who especially loved children.

The playground is located just behind the church and is a wonderful place for children to come and play.

Hope and Mom at the dedication --

and Dad and Faith

Lindsey family and church friends --

and Bruce Mix family and church friends

The playground ---

Mimi thought what better way to celebrate this dedication in memory of their big sisters and brother than for Hope and Faith to play along with those angels so here are some pictures of the girls having a great time!