Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chinese Adoption Reunion

We went to the adoption reunion, and were able to see one of the families we traveled with to China, most of our group lives in California or Florida so we do not get to see them much. The reunion was around Orlando, if only the girls new how close they were to Cinderella's Castle. We actually were going to go to Disney, but did not want to tell the girls until we made our mind up when we got there since it was during a Holiday weekend, and we were not sure how things were going to go. We are so glad we didn't say anything because Florida was getting flooded, and it was raining on us the whole time we were there. So we will just have to go back soon to see Cinderella!
We did tell the girls we were going to see some Chinese girls before we left for Florida and they said " Were going to China" no in Florida. When we were there they asked me if there were Chinese boys in China, yes girls. I even showed them a Chinese boy.