Friday, December 08, 2006

All I want for Christmas-----

is a GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP (says Mom)

The girls don't seem to have trouble sleeping (especially Faith), just not in their beds and never all night long. Seems Faith could POSSIBLY do it (she has on occasion) but when Hope wakes up and cries, Faith wakes up too! Mom has tried a variety of schemes, but not much has worked -- until last night. Stuffed animals went in the cribs for snuggling and seems the night light must have burned out during the night and next thing Mom knew it was morning and they (and she) had slept the night through!!! Her new plan -- stuffed animals and no night light and hoping for two in a row.

"Here's to sleeping girls!" and here are some cute ones!

Hope's First Night with Mom & Dad

Faith's First Night with Mom & Dad

Hope - "All this sightseeing is really tiring,
I just want to go home to Texas!"

First Night Home ~ Faith -"This stuff is really
cool but I'm sooo tired!"

Napping at Aunt Karen's

Snuggling with Mom (Faith)

Sleeping in Dad's Chair

Asleep with GDad (Faith)

Sweet Sleeping Girls

Mom loves her girls sooo much --
especially when they've slept all night!