Sunday, December 03, 2006

The twins are really growing and changing every day. They are learning more English words but still mostly communicate with each other in Chinese. I wish there was some way for the girls to also continue to learn their native language . Maybe Mimi will explore some dvds teaching English and Chinese both, after all Mom says the girls have way too much stuff and to stop buying them things but this is educational so she can't complain about dvds can she? :)

Mom took some cute pictures of the girls on their birthday. They aren't having a celebration until next weekend so I'll have more to share then. The girls are learning more and more "American" ways and cousin Neeley has taken them under her wing and taught them all about Dora (her fav) so now the girls recognize Dora everywhere and scream "Dora" wherever they see anything with her picture! They have also been learning "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and are very intent on the hand motions but haven't quite mastered the words yet. In some of these pictures Mom must have been singing it to them because you can see them doing the hand motions. Their favorite parts are "down came the rain" and "out came the sun" and if you don't participate they will stop until you join in.

Hey Mom, where's our cake?