Thursday, February 08, 2007

Every day there are new things the girls are experiencing and trying -- some good, some not so good :) and there's always a part of me (the Mimi) that wants them to stay "little" as long as possible and another part that is always excited to hear about new things the girls are learning and trying, guess those are pretty normal feelings most all parents and grandparents have about their children/grandchildren.

The girls seemed to have quite a vocabulary (in Chinese) for not quite two years old when Mom and Dad met them in China last October. Even the women from the China Team who were traveling with them often commented about their vocabulary (they do speak a dialect unique to the Fuzhou area of Jiangxi Province). Since they've been home they are learning new words in English every day but still converse with each other almost exclusively in Chinese (or we guess that's what it is!:) and will also try to talk to us in Chinese from time to time as well. I wonder if they would be learning more English faster if they didn't have each other to talk to but I'm glad they have each other and will learn English all in good time. I would love it if they could continue to learn their native language as well but I know this will become somewhat lost as time goes by :(

The girls were pretty picky eaters at first, eating lots of what they liked but not liking a lot of what we are most used to. Since they've been going to Ruth's House they seem to be learning to like more kinds of food, guess they see the other kids enjoying it and are willing to try as well. They are now even eating mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese, two things Mom and Dad could not get them to try!

They are such funny little girls and continue to amaze and delight us at every turn. I'm so glad their ours!

The other day the girls got in their closet, pulled down all of their shoes and started trying them on. Mom got some cute pictures -- and the results!

Hope and Faith trying on shoes

Faith showing off her selection --

Notice they are also on the wrong feet :)

The aftermath!