Monday, February 12, 2007

We have a new baby!

Lambing season has started at the Lindsey household and here is the first lamb born since the twins have joined the family. Over the next few months this will get to be a regular occurrence as there are around 60 or 70 ewes getting ready to have their babies. It looks like many may be twins or even triplets!

At first the girls were quite frightened by the sheep and would scream whenever they were in sight but have gotten much better recently -- as long as those wooly critters are on the other side of the fence :) Dad was able to lure Faith into the pen with this new baby just born this morning but as soon as it started moving toward her she was very ready to get out of there! Hope wouldn't even come near the pen! Guess these little girls better get use to them, looks like there are going to be a bunch more in the near future.