Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fun With Bubbles!

A Big Thanks to Aunt Chelle, Cody, Tanner & Bailey! They recently sent a Dora Bubble Machine to the girls and the twins love it!

What is it about bubbles that can just seem to brighten a day or bring a smile to one's face? Bubbles seem to be one of those 'must haves' that many parents traveling to China to get their little ones take along -- you see evidence in so many pictures posted on blogs during that time. I know the Mom and Dad did and the twins really responded to those bubbles with giggles and glee. Whether your blowing them or chasing them they are just fun! It's fun to try for those little bitty bubbles and those very large bubbles, and what about when you can create a whole string of bubbles all linked together? And they always have that shimmery iridescent look about them that are so pretty reflecting the sun -- can you tell Mimi loves bubbles too? Guess your never too old for bubble fun :)

Enjoy some pictures of the girls having fun with their new bubble machine --

I just love those giggles and can't wait to see these sweet girls again -- just 39 more days!