Friday, April 13, 2007

This weeks' Double Happiness! Family FotoFun Friday Challenge is "Pets". This is certainly something the twins have lots of!!

The girls are still pretty scared of most of the animals but Faith seems to be getting more comfortable around them than Hope. They are still very afraid of the "BIG DOGS" though -- a chihuahua and a terrier mix ;)

They've just had a new litter a kittens and Mom let the girls bring two in the house for a photo shoot --

Faith decides to take over both of the kittens

This is the first lamb born after the girls came home and Faith was willing to get pretty close -- Hope wouldn't even come near the pen.

Two of the newest baby lamps.

Hope on the left and Faith on the right.

The girls watering the sheep -- when you have this many pets, there's bound to be chores!

Taking a break.

Baby Llama

Mamma Llama

Honky Donkey

Standing watch -- the llamas and the donkey guard the sheep from "Wild Things".

I had to come back and add this picture -- it's MY kitty (Silver), who now lives with the twins because Mimi travels so much. I do miss her and am always glad to get a chance to visit her as well as the girls! Funny thing about this picture, Mom took it sometime last year and somehow managed to save it on her camera in such a way that it could NOT be deleted so whenever she started sending pictures from China last October, this was always the first picture I would see -- imagine being SO excited to see my new little granddaughters and what pops up but a cat! :)