Monday, March 12, 2007

This past Saturday the girls made their first trip to the zoo. Mom and the twins went to visit Aunt Chelle and Cousin Bailey on Friday and the rest of the gang joined them at the Ft Worth Zoo on Saturday. At least 'some' of the gang was there, Mimi was in NY and couldn't join in on the fun :( -- I really didn't like it one bit either!! Dad got left at home to tend the sheep so he missed out as well. Karen, Lisa, Angela, Slade and Neeley came from DeLeon as well as Cousins Cody and Tanner and a few of their friends.

This is Spring Break week so Mom and the girls will spend several days visiting family and friends in the Ft Worth area before heading back home. Hopefully we'll get more updates and pictures of their visit soon.

Saturday also happened to be the 5 month anniversary of the twins' "Gotcha Day" so what better place to spend it than the zoo!

To see more pictures (with captions) click here or to see them in a slide show click here.

Hope and Faith

The Gang (at least the "kids"!)

Hope, Faith, and Neeley



Faith, Neeley, Mom & Hope

Mom and her girls