Sunday, August 31, 2008

Faith was the Acolyte at Church today, it was her first time and I was praying that she did not burn down the Church today, she did great. Hope will get to do it next week, and she is excited. The girls have really been enjoying Sunday school, and at children's time they run up to the front of the church, after children's time they leave and go to children's church, which is great for us because we get to listen to the sermons now. We all have really enjoyed our church and our Preacher is GREAT, I have learned so much from him. The girls are still so excited about going to school, they wake up and want to know if they are going to go see their friends today, I keep telling them just a few more days. I am so glad that they are excited about starting school, I was a little worried because they have been spending so much time with me at home.