Friday, August 29, 2008

School Orientation

The girls had school orientation yesterday, which was good because it kept my mind off of what the day was like four years ago. God did however turn this day around to a joyous day 2 years later, He works in mysterious ways. Well I had been telling the girls all day that we were going to go to their school and meet their teachers and meet some of the kids. When they woke up from their nap, Hope said "I'm ready to go see my friends" , I'm not sure what friends she thought she was going to go see. When we got there the teachers all had stickers for the kids to put on their name badge, and a way of getting them to communicate with the teacher. ( Which was a smart way of doing it). The teachers would ask which sticker they wanted, and of course Hope was the first to respond, then she proceeded to pick out which sticker Faith wanted. So the teacher picked up on this and said she would ask Faith first for awhile in class. They had them sitting next to each other in their class, and we discussed that this would be good for a little while, but to separate them later, so that Faith would be able to be her own self. Hope likes to be first at everything, and if she isn't then she gets upset, so we have been trying to teach her that she has to take turns and that its OK that Faith does things first. They got to play at the playground at school, which was good because the girls started interacting with the other kids, so many times they team up together. The girls really liked going to the school, and said they are ready to go back to see their friends. YEA!!!!
The school it doing a cheer clinic, and if you know me, of course I signed them up its from 3-5 on about 8 days and they will get to cheer at 1 Pep rally, and 2 half time shows. AND IT'S ONLY $ 85.00 EACH, the amount of checks I have been writing to this school, I'm surprised the bank hasn't called me to see if something is wrong. O well its for the girls, and almost anything goes, RIGHT DAD!!!!