Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Pink Chair -

The girls have an adorable pink chair in their room, I'm sure you've seen it in several of the previous posts and slide shows. Both of the girls really like it and on occasion have been known to fight over it! Seems like that chair gets into a lot of the pictures taken of the girls in their room, guess it's a great prop and the girls so often are sitting in The Pink Chair! Anyway, while looking through the many pictures we've taken over the past month I (Mimi) kept coming across pictures of The Pink Chair so I decided to put them all together in a slide show, it was so fun I thought I'd share -- notice one series of pictures where Hope is sitting in the chair and Faith decides SHE wants the chair, you can just look at their expressions and read between the lines!! Too funny----- sorry if you've been trying to see The Pink Chair and haven't been able to see the pictures, I had them marked as Private, try again :) The Pink Chair

By the way, do you like the pictures of the twins at the top? - this blogging thing is fun!