Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Well, guess the twins got busy and didn't get anything posted so I'm taking over again!! The Mimi is back!

Tara and the girls made their first car trip alone on Friday and drove to DeLeon. Mom said the trip was uneventful as long as she had LOTS of bags of Cheerios, raisins, apples, and cookies and a good movie to go along with the snacks :) I was able to travel to Texas that day too so we've had lots of fun these past few days playing, have lots of new pictures but haven't had much time to post so I'll try to catch up.

We all met up with lots of folks from DeLeon on Friday night to watch the Bearcats play football, they all played really hard but unfortunately didn't win the game. We've heard that Seminole didn't either so I guess all of the boys can eat lots of cake and pies to go along with their turkey on Thursday and not have to worry about their weight. The twins say "Go Bearcats and Go Indians! Good season! We'll be looking forward to next year."

The twins have been visiting with lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents these past few days and we've had great fun! Sorry you got left behind Dad but I'm sure you've been enjoying those full nights of sleep and we'll see you tomorrow. The girls are going to visit Ms Angela's Fourth Grade Class at DeLeon Elementary today. Cousin Hannah is in that class and they've been very excited to meet Hope and Faith. We'll take lots of pictures and post them soon so everyone can see:)

Aunt Laurie took a couple of great videos of the girls on her last visit to Seminole so I'm including both. One is of the girls listening to some of their Chinese music they love. The other is of the girls playing with one of their dolls, it speaks both English and Chinese. Enjoy --