Tuesday, November 14, 2006

While Mom and Dad were in China to get the twins, there were MANY people back home waiting and waiting and praying and thinking about them and waiting and checking the blog and waiting..... In Seminole those people weren't waiting idly (is that a word? -- it is now!!) They were planning and building and putting up and painting and decorating and who knows what! Thought you might enjoy some pictures of Seminole not being idle while waiting for the twins.
Seminole Getting Ready for the Twins

Hope and Faith would also like to take you on a little tour of their room. It's adorable, what little girls wouldn't love to live here? Welcome to our room! I've also put a permanent link to this tour on the right side of the blog under "Links". Maybe I'll add new pictures of the girls playing in their room from time to time too, who knows -- so you might want to check back periodically :) Enjoy!!