Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Well, we've had all of the turkey and leftovers we can stand and life has had to return to normal -- Mom, Dad, and the twins have returned to Seminole and I (Mimi) have gone back to NYC and I'm sure Aunt Karen is glad to be rid of all of us and have her house and life back!

It was a busy fun filled week visiting with friends and family, eating, shopping, eating, visiting Santa, eating ---- we've got four weeks to diet and be all ready for Christmas! I've got many pictures of the activities (and the eating!)and will add them over the next days, there are too many to add all at one time.

Thought I'd start with the girls' first visit with Santa. The first video is of the girls playing at a great children's area at Northeast Mall (Ft Worth) while we waited to see "the real Santa" and the second video is "the visit"! This is a very special Santa as he is also the girls' great uncle, what kid wouldn't love to be related to Santa!! As you can see, just like most kids this age, they aren't as excited about the event as Mom, Mimi, and Aunt Chelle:) Wonder how they will react when they meet him again in 'everyday' clothes? A funny little story about this Santa -- at Tara and Dirk's wedding, Rachel who was standing with them looked up at Dirk and interrupted the ceremony with "Why is Santa here?" and no, he wasn't in his red suit!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

The Girls' First Visit to Santa