Friday, March 02, 2007

The twins are really growing up!

Mom decided it was time to change their cribs into toddler beds so she got right to it and made the switch (she's quite resourceful that girl!) Donna, sorry she isn't there today to help put together that Play Center your working on:) but she had other things to contruct (she probably wouldn't have read the instructions anyway).

Here are pictures of the twins' toddler beds --

and here are pictures of the girls taking naps in their new toddler beds! This is actually quite exceptional because they really don't sleep in their beds much (still having some sleeping issues) so we're hoping their new beds will be just what it takes to get over that. From what Mom says, they were certainly excited about them, jumping around, laughing and clapping their hands! I asked Mom if she had gotten pictures of their excitement -- she said "Mom, I WAS putting the beds together, didn't have time for pictures too!" Oh well, maybe we can get some video later after they wake up, after all Mom did get that new camera she was wanting and did get these great pictures of the beds and our sleeping girls.

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