Friday, March 09, 2007


Hands convey most every emotion known to man ... love, hate, happiness, anger, excitement, calm ... They caress, they hit, they wave goodby (or perhaps hello), they stop or bid you to come, they hold the symbol of love/marriage...
Hands are the method used to communicate through sign language, used by the deaf and often for babies and young children to communicate before they can verbalize.
The power of touch is felt through the hand...

What a great topic Donna at Double Happiness! has come up with for this week's FFFF Challenge!

This picture is of Madelyn's hands in prayer...

and the second is of Faith.
When I came across the picture of Faith I immediately thought of the one of Madelyn and how similar they are---

Sweet caress--

or not :)

I had such a difficult time deciding which pictures to use (a
Mimi's prerogative:) so I created a couple of collages. The first includes hands of and around the twins, the second includes hands of and around Rachel, Madelyn and Yates (taken shortly after Yates' birth)