Friday, March 02, 2007

Family FotoFun Friday Challenge

Because of the popularity of last week's FFFF Donna at Double Happiness! has decided it would be fun to do it again -- same letter but this time 10 things you DON'T like. Geez, that "U" she assigned me was really hard!

You would think "U" would be pretty easy, you can add "Un" to so many words and make something most people don't like -- Untrusting, Unemployed, Unfortunate, Unfair, Unfriendly - you get the picture but try coming up with a real picture of one of those!

Anyway, this is the result with listing below ----

1. Undernourished - So many children in our world are so undernourished. UNICEF said on World Food Day last October "Undernutrition remains a major killer of children under five years of age, contributing to approximately 50 percent of the more than 10 million child deaths every year".

2. Umbrella - I really don't like umbrellas that flip inside out when the wind is blowing, especially on a cold rainy day walking to work in NYC.

3. Utensils (dirty ones) - I really hate sitting down at a restaurant and finding dirty utensils.

4. Unamerican - Being an American is something to be proud of and I don't like seeing people who aren't.

5. Upstairs - I live two steep flights up and it isn't fun dragging luggage up those stairs after returning from a visit to Texas :)

6. Unwanted girls from China - While I'm so glad we have the twins and so grateful to China for doing such a good job of caring for them and finding just the perfect parents to be their forever family, I don't like it that so many girls in China are just unwanted.

7. Upside Down - I DO NOT like being upside down on a roller coaster ride!

8. Unsafe - Drinking and Driving is unsafe, it kills ...

9. Unhappy - I never like for any of my children or grandchildren to be unhappy (pic is of Hope).

And for my 'double U' - 10. War - This is NOT a political statement, I don't like war and every day I hope and pray for Peace on Earth.