Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Congrats to DeLeon Bearcats!

Last Friday Mimi made a mad dash from Portland OR to DeLeon TX to watch the twins' Cousins Cody and Tanner (two of Mimi's grandsons) and the DeLeon Bearcats play football -- WE WON!!

after two overtimes!!! and two of the touchdowns were scored by Cousin Tanner!!!!
Needless to say we were all VERY excited, unfortunately Tara, Dirk, and the girls weren't able to attend (they were back home waiting for their last "Home Visit" to complete the China Adoption process).

Here are a few pictures from game night --

Cousin Neeley got to cheer before the game (and her brother Slade was sick and missed most of the game -- glad to hear your feeling much better Slade!)

Baby Cousin Jake had a big smile when Tanner scored his second touchdown :)

Cousin Cody and some of the Senior Bearcats celebrating after the game (Hunter - where did you go?)

Tanner -- Great Game!!

Cody -- and to you too!

Cody, Bailey, and Tanner

Proud Mom (Aunt Chelle)with her kids -