Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Continuing of Our Journey Down Memory Lane ---

Mimi apologizes for the delay but is back on track and wants to invite you to continue our journey remembering the remainder of "The China Trip". I have included a picture for each of the days to 'catch up'. If you click on the "Day ..." it will take you back to the post for that day last year.

Day 8 in China - This was the first full day the girls spent with their Mom and Dad and was also the Official Chinese Adoption Day (and the infamous trip to Walmart :)
Mom, Dad, and the Twins

Hope and Faith checking out Nanchang from their hotel

Day 9 in China was spent visiting a Chinese Temple with their travel group. Clicking here will also get you to some great pictures posted that day.
Mom, Dad, and the Girls

The Group in front of a Chinese Temple

Day 10 in China was spent visiting an art museum and more siteseeing with lots of great pictures.
Dad teaching Hope "Guns Up" (it's a Texas Tech Red Raiders' thing :)

Day 11 in China - a visit to People's Park and fun play time with the girls (this post also includes pictures of a Chinese Walmart :)

Day 12 in China - a visit to the Tengwang Pavilion and a porcelain market was the agenda this day.
Mom, Dad, and the Girls - the twins were born in the Year of the Monkey

Dad and the girls waiting patiently while Mom shopped

The Tea Set they brought Mimi that was made in Jiangxi, the province where the girls were born

Day 13 in China - This is the day the girls took their first plane trip, they left Jiangxi Province where they were born to begin the first leg of the long trip to their new home and traveled to Dongguan were they would spend the remainder of their trip.
Waiting at the airport

Day 14 in China was spent on their medical visit (a requirement before the girls could be issued their Visas) and a fun dinner cruise on the Pearl River
Dad and the girls waiting for their medical appointment.....

Mom and the girls on the Pearl River Cruise