Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More Pictures from De Leon Homecoming Weekend!

As promised Mimi is finally getting around to adding more pictures and updates about the visit Mom and the twins made for the De Leon Homecoming. The girls had a great time playing with cousins Slade and Neeley and of course they always love the opportunity to spend time with their 'big' cousins Bailey, Tanner, and Cody. New baby cousin Jake was a big hit and getting big enough to give sweet little smiles to everyone, the girls are quite taken with him.

There were visits to Grandma's house and what fun as Aunt Laurie and Aunt Jane were also there for visits! The girls have suddenly decided that while they REALLY don't like dog's, "Ollie" one of Aunt Laurie's dogs is AOK! They petted, hugged, chased and loved on that dog and I was amazed. Guess Aunt Laurie's love for dogs might be finally rubbing off on the girls a bit -- at least when it comes to "Ollie" :)

We all made a trip to Weatherford on Saturday to watch Cousin Baily play Volleyball (pictures to come later as they are still in the camera). Time was spent at Aunt Karen's house visiting with Angela and Lisa and their families, also Aunt Chelle and lots of cousins -- all there to have a good time with lots of good food to enjoy. And Mimi got to be there too! Unfortunately we didn't get pictures of anyone but the girls but hope you enjoy these ----

Hope and Faith


Hope and Faith


While Faith and I were out for a walk we saw a grasshopper so I ran into the house to get Hope and my camera to get a few pics --- Hope takes a look and promptly stomps on the grasshopper! Needless to say, this isn't what Mimi had in mind when she had the idea of capturing the girls enjoying a bit of nature! At any rate, following are a few of the pictures of the girls checking out the poor crippled grasshopper.

The girls are learning lots of songs and seem to really enjoy singing. Faith especially loves "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and sings it constantly so here is a little video of the girls singing. You will want to turn off the blog music so you can hear the girl's singing -- just click on "Stop" on the player to the right.

A sweet picture of Mom rocking Baby Jake

Guess what "The Mom and Dad" were doing one year ago today -- bags were packed, lists had been checked and rechecked and there were MANY people anxiously waiting for what was to come in the next week! Yep, it was the day before they left on that great adventure a half a world away where two very special little girls were waiting for their Mom and Dad to bring them home. Keep checking back for a journey down memory lane!