Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Day 6 in China -- One Year Ago Today

Day 6 was spent meeting their adoption group and filling out lots of paperwork. I'm sure Mom and Dad were thinking a lot about the day ahead when they would finally meet their new daughters. I can only imagine the emotions they were experiencing but Mimi certainly knows what she was feeling that day -- excitement, concern (for those little ones that were about to have their world turned upside down), joy, apprehension (how would they deal with the language and attachment issues), but most of all confidence that these little girls were about to meet two wonderful parents and become the newest members to a pretty great family who would give them lots of love.

Dimsum Lunch in Guanzhou getting to know everyone in the adoption travel group

These next two pictures were actually taken at the airport very early the next day as they were leaving for Nanchang.
Dirk and Tara

The group --

And a few recent pictures of the twins --
Faith and Hope

Our little cheerleaders -- Faith and Hope