Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Special Post ---

On "Day 9" last year (October 12), two days after the twins met their Mom and Dad, they were waiting in the hotel lobby getting ready for a sightseeing trip with their group when Tara saw a woman approaching her with what appeared to be the photo album she had sent to the girls in their care package. She thought it must be someone from the orphanage delivering it to them as it wasn't given back to them when they got the girls but when the twins spotted the woman and the man accompanying her they started screaming and crying and it didn't take long to figure out who this couple was -- the Foster Parents!

Of course the girls immediately started reaching for them and Mom and Dad let them go -- hesitantly I'm sure. Dirk said he was a bit scared and immediately moved between them and the door "just in case". It seems that as soon as the orphanage director picked the girls up on the morning of October 10 the Foster Parents left by bus to travel from their home in Fuzhou to Nanchang to search for the twins and their new parents. They had an interpreter with them and had been going from hotel to hotel for the previous two days looking for them. Of course they had no names and no idea which hotel in a city of 2 1/2 million people but they were determined to meet the girls' new parents and I'm sure get one more glance of these little girls they had cared for and nurtured from the time they were just 10 days old.

There wasn't much time for Tara and Dirk to visit with the Foster Parents as the group was getting ready to leave but the Foster Mother gave Tara some pictures of the girls and asked if she could keep the photo album (of course Tara happily agreed). On the back of the photographs there is writing which I'm sure includes their name and contact information but unfortunately we have not been able to get this information translated because of the dialect they speak. Mimi will continue to pursue this as I feel it is important to stay in touch with them and perhaps someday go back to China to visit them.

We have waited to post this for several reasons but Mimi thought this was such a wonderful thing for the girls' Foster Parents to have done and wanted finally share this story and Mom and Dad agreed. Unfortunately they weren't able to take but a few pictures and they are all pretty dark but I've lightened this on up a bit and want to share it with all of you ----