Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Day 8 in China - Well, as you can see, no new pictures!! Not for lack of trying but there seems to be a problem getting Tara & Dirk's laptop connected with a network cable, wireless seems to work great but the hotel doesn't have wireless so we still don't have an easy way to get info and pictures. Tara has promised to get back to the Business Center and will send more pictures tomorrow.

We'll just have to do with 'words' and use our imaginations a bit. Seems that after that initial period of crying, the girls have really taken to both Mom and Dad now and are going great! They had their meeting at the Chinese Civil Affairs Office where they asked if Tara and Dirk were happy with the girls (I THINK they said yes :-) and their names, occupations and ages and that was it. They are now just waiting for the girls' Chinese passports and they will be finished with the Chinese side of the adoption.

Dirk also said the girls had experienced a monumental milestone in their little lives today --- a visit to WALMART!!! They went wild with shopping and spent 280 rmbs (that's about 35 dollars US). They checked out the fresh fish market in the store and Dirk says they really mean FRESH! the fish were alive and in tanks, jumping out of the tanks and flopping all over the floor. The girls kept pointing to the fish and other food and trying to tell Dirk and Tara something, unfortunately they have no idea what. They enjoyed the fish show and moved on to the toy department where they got some dolls, toys, coke, water, and snacks. They say people come up to them everywhere staring and smiling at them and some even come up and shake their hands. We knew the people of China are very appreciative of families adopting these babies and are quite taken with seeing twins.

Back at the hotel they visited a play room set up for the children. Tara says the girls' personalities really came out and they've been different ever since. She said they really had a great time playing together and the girls laughed a lot and loved the balls to jump and play in. Seems Hope might just be left handed as she was throwing balls with her left hand -- however she was holding her new baby doll with her right hand so who knows. Both of the girls seem to really love playing with their baby dolls, Hope tries to put her bib on her baby and Faith likes to cover hers with a blanket. Sounds like they were well loved and nurtured during their time with the foster family.

Dirk seems to continue enjoying the Chinese food but Tara is really missing some good old American fare. She wants a steak and loaded potato, Mexican food, good hot sauce and chips and ICE in her cup! The girls continue to be great little eaters and Tara says while they will eat the rice cereal and congee, they really prefer regular food and love all types of fruits. Dirk said he saw every type of fruit and vegetables imaginable in Walmart so maybe they've been exposed to a variety.

Tomorrow they will be doing some site seeing as a group but Tara couldn't remember where. They will also be doing more shopping and will visit the porcelain shops, Nanchang is well known for their porcelain. They said the others in their group are all very nice and all of the other babies are adorable and are younger than the twins who seem to be a real hit with the group and everyone else at the hotel. Tara says of course none of the others are dressed as cute as theirs and no hair bows! can't even tell they're girls ;-)

Tonight Hope wasn't feeling well and was a little fussy but Faith was enjoying her new toys. She also was trying to get into Dad's billfold -- she's a fast learner! Mom and Dad are having a great time getting to know their little ones but Dirk says he's ready to get these two little Chinese girls home to Texas!! I know we all are ready for that too. They've promised they will send pictures tomorrow from the business center. They did have an opportunity to check the blog earlier today and read all of the great messages from everyone, they were very happy to hear from so many -- keep those messages coming.