Friday, October 13, 2006

Day 10 in China - GO RED RAIDERS!!

yes, Dad's getting them ready for those football games already! And Mom says they should fit into their cheerleading outfits too!

Day 10 included a visit to an art museum and more play time, and of course lunch out at another of those nice Chinese Restaurants Tara loves so much. They are finding that Faith is the more adventurous of the two but they are both little scrappers. They are also really good eaters, couldn't get enough of the spinach tonight at dinner - Tara says they're never gonna get that at home! The girls are really little chatter boxes, they seem to have quite the vocabulary, unfortunately Mom and Dad have no idea what they're saying. They are trying to pick up a few English words and promptly repeat "Thank You" and call their ducks "Quack Quacks" (perhaps that’s just because Chinese ducks speak the same language as American ducks?).

Oh by the way Lisa, Dirk says you can be the first to paint their nails :-)
For all of you De Leon folks, watch out next year at the Peach and Melon Festival, the girls LOVE watermelon and are already in training for the Seed Spitting Contest!!

I've again broken down this group of pictures into different slide shows so we'll hopefully not crash anyone's computer. Don't believe all of these were actually taken on Day 10 but I'll add them to today anyway. Included are also pictures of some of the places they've visited over the past few days and pictures of some of the other families in the group. Also lots of pictures of just playtime, they are just adorable and can't wait to get these little girls home!!!!