Monday, October 16, 2006

Day 13 in China - We now have pictures ---

Today Mom, Dad, and girls traveled from Nanchang to Dongguan where they will be until they leave for home next Saturday. The girls had their first plane ride and enjoyed it. Tara said Faith was the comedian on the flight and kept everyone entertained, especially the people in the seats behind them. They say the girls are now acting like they've been theirs forever and that Hope is just like Rachel and Faith is just like Madelyn -- with a combination like that what more can we ask for? :-) Dirk says there's no question, they've got the prettiest girls in the hotel.

Looks like things are looking up in the food area as this hotel even has an Italian restaurant. And the room service menu sounds interesting too as they've ordered room service -- Tara is getting Peking Duck Quesadillas with guacamole and jalapenos (that's really East meets West I'd say:) and Dirk was able to order a steak. The girls were getting steamed vegetables and rice and I'll bet Mom and Dad will share as well.

There are pictures to come later as they will need to get settled in their room and put the girls down for the night. It will likely be late tonight our time before they are able to send them but when I get them I'll post them right away. Tara is apologizing in advance for no hairbows in these pictures as it was too difficult to juggle bags and babies on the trip and keep those hairbows on. Sounded like the girls were running around the room giggling and checking everything out and were most pleased to discover a large mirror in the bathroom -- they seem to really like to look at themselves.

Not much to write about today as most of the day consisted of traveling and were waiting for their bags and room service when we talked.