Thursday, October 12, 2006

Day 9 in China - The Lindsey day started early today as it seems Hope is a very early riser! For the past two mornings she has gotten up at 5:00 am and it sounds like she really isn't a morning person, just an early riser! They are preparing for their day and getting ready to go down for breakfast, Tara says breakfast has suddenly become her favorite meal of the day, she can get all kinds of 'normal' food . I've advised Tara and Dirk that we are on the brink of a riot and need pictures ASAP to calm the natives so Tara will try to get some sent this morning before they leave for another group trip and will definitely send by the end of the day (that means pictures posted for sure by tomorrow morning Texas time!!) As we were talking on the phone I could hear the girls chattering in the background, Tara was interpreting for me, seems the twins are trying to teach Mom and Dad some Chinese! More later --

UPDATE - Well, obviously Tara found an opportunity to get to the business center to get some pictures sent, aren't they great? I'm hopeful that everyone is able to see them; I chose to include everything she sent so we could all get a good idea of what fun they are all having over there, even though some are a bit dark.

The group trip was a visit to an ancient Chinese temple but seems that they weren't able to spend much time seeing the sites because all of the locals were too interested in seeing and being seen with those celebrities called "The Lindseys"! Between the twins and Dirk's height, they were quite in demand for being touched, patted, a hand shake, even a thumbs up but what they were most interested in was having their picture taken with Mom, Dad, and the twins. Everyone wanted to be photographed with "The Lindseys".

The rest of the day was spent playing with the girls and oh yes, they had a seamstress visit their hotel room where they were all measured for some new 'outfits' -- guess we'll just have to wait and see what that's all about -- somehow I just don't see Dirk in those Chinese pajamas :-)

Update to Day 3 - I received the pictures from Day 3 (Great Wall etc) a couple of days ago but haven't had a chance to post them, had more important pictures to get posted, so I've now added them to the site. You can view them on Day 3 in China.