Saturday, October 14, 2006

Day 11 in China - For those of you who have been wondering about the WalMart, I'm including a few pictures I found on another site that were taken at the Nanchang WalMart -- very interesting, and yes those are snakes at the pharmacy!!

Today the Lindsey family visited Peoples Park. As it was Saturday, all of the locals were out enjoying the great weather. This is a huge park that includes kiddy rides, a play area, and even a zoo, unfortunately Mom and Dad didn't know about the zoo until they boarded the bus after the visit - that would have been a fun thing to do with the girls. Dirk said there were people everywhere, kids skating and playing, choirs and musicians entertaining, and elderly people getting their exercise (Tara said they were kicking their legs high in the air - wow, maybe I need to get into some of that:-) There was also a small lake in the park where they had these large balls that kids could get inside and roll around in the water - you will see that in one of the pictures. Right in the middle of the park was a bee keeper with bees swarming everywhere!

After the park, they were taken to a new area of Nanchang that is just being built. Where the 'old' Nanchang is very crowded, Dirk said this area has very few people yet but many high rises and new hotels -- VERY modern. They were also taken to an area to see the world's highest ferris wheel but the smog was too bad to be able to see it.

The remainder of the day was spent playing with the girls. When I spoke with them, Faith and Hope seemed to be in rare form. They were playing "tickle monster" with Dad and giggling like crazy! Faith talked to me on the phone, said "Hi" and then that's all I understood. Tara said Hope had thrown a little (or not so little) temper tantrum a bit earlier, kicking and screaming because Mom was making her share some flash cards with her sister. Tara said it was the 'Terrible Twos Times Two' - wonder what it's going to be like in a few more months when they really do turn two!! Dirk says the girls are VERY smart!! Fuzhou, where the girls are from is known for it's playwrights, authors, scholars and he knows the girls will be brilliant!!

Oh, Tara was able to have spaghetti for lunch, she said it was soooo good - just spaghetti and tomato sauce! but the ice cream dessert she had after had a green sauce on it that tasted like cough syrup so she just had to be content with the spaghetti.

Tomorrow they will be doing some shopping and getting ready to leave Nanchang for Guangzhou and Dongguan on Monday where they will spend their last week in China. Hope you enjoy the pictures.