Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Day 14 in China - We now have pictures (also for Day 13, check below)!!

It was nice to meet back up with the entire group, those who were with Tara and Dirk in Nanchang and the rest of the group who had been in Nanning getting their new girls. The rest of the week will be spent finishing up with the US part of the adoption process.

The girls slept well in the new hotel but Faith did a lot of coughing during the night and Tara wasn't feeling great either this morning as she had a sore throat. She said it's almost impossible to give the girls medicine as they promptly spit it right back at you, hopefully they will be feeling better soon.

Today they traveled into Guangzhou for the girls' medical visit. This is required before the US will allow them to enter the country and a part of the adoption process. Hope weighed in at 22 pounds but Faith cryed so much that they weren't ever really able to get her weight -- Tara says Hope didn't cry a bit. The girls are just waiting for 'Doc' Tamera to check them out! She probably gives suckers anyway:) While in Guangzhou they did a little shoe shopping(all girls loves shoes don't they?)and enjoyed visiting Shamian Island where the infamous White Swan Hotel is located. The White Swan is where so many families stay when in China adopting that it is often referred to as the White Stork. Then it was off to the Pearl River for a dinner cruise. Tara said the food was good, what she got of it, as the girls really helped themselves to Mom and Dad's plates. After they got back to the hotel they had to order room service but they waited til the girls had gone to sleep so they wouldn't have to share that food too!!

Michelle and Bailey talked to the girls Monday night and sang to them, Hope joined in with her own little song although no one knows what she was singing:) When I spoke to Tara and Dirk this morning Faith was still sleeping and Hope was glued to the TV watching Chinese Cartoons. Tara said she had no idea what was being said but Hope seems to really enjoy it.