Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Day 15 in China - Well, as you can see, no new pictures for today, at least not yet.

Tara spent most of today with the China Team (those people traveling with the group from their adoption agency) completing and going over paperwork that will be submitted tomorrow to the US Consulate to finalize the US part of the adoption. While she was doing that Dad was looking after the girls :0 Now, they've been telling me that when the girls are in public they are pretty quiet and somewhat shy, it's only when they are in the room with Mom and Dad that these great little personalities come out. HOWEVER, Dad decides to head down to the business center to check a little email and the girls decide to show their stuff!! Hope seems to have not really liked for Dad to not be playing with her so she does one of her temper tantrum numbers. They were also in an area around some of the other kids and Hope, being her sweet self shares the toys and is very nice but sister Faith starts gathering up all of the toys and hitting everyone on the head with them. Sounds to me like they're getting to be regular kids -- love it! They still keep Mom and Dad laughing most of the time, think they have some very proud parents?

The China Team threw a Pizza Party for the whole group during the evening and we've learned that the girls DO NOT like pizza -- guess Tara and Dirk may be ordering pizza more just so they can get a bite to eat:) They did have noodles, rice and meat that the girls ate so they didn't go hungrey. There is a Kentucky Fried Chicken place across the street from the hotel so that's giving them some relief from Chinese food and it seems the girls love chicken nuggets, but not mashed potatoes. I heard Tara ordering up an extra large mashed potatoe so she was guaranteed something to eat. Guess those little girls are really quite the eaters!

Mom and Dad say they still have the best dressed kids but she isn't looking too hot these days. Seems that early in the trip she burned up her curling iron and hasn't been able to find another one to buy -- I thought she looked just fine in the pictures but of course we've all been really checking out those girls anyway.

When I last spoke with them Faith was sound asleep but Hope was still up chattering away. I've been trying to get her to say "MiMi" and she will but then points to her sister because Mei Mei means "little sister" in Chinese -- guess I'm gonna really confuse those two, oh well.

I know there were a few pictures taken today and thought they were going to send them on to me but I haven't seen any yet and as it is now almost 2:00 in the morning, I guess we'll just have to wait a bit longer. Tomorrow they have a trip to a museum and that's about all. Let's hope they can snap a few more photos and get them sent so we can get our 'fix'. Can't wait until Sunday, only 4 more days to go!!