Thursday, October 19, 2006

Day 16 in China - Today the China Team look everyone's paperwork to the US Consulate to apply for the girls' Visas. Mom, Dad, and the girls had to be available in case they needed to reach them for any additional information so they spent the morning in their room. This was probably a good thing as Tara wasn't feeling well when she got up and it gave them more family time too. They did go with the group in the afternoon to a museum. They have not been able to send any pictures and as I was traveling from NYC back to Texas on Thursday, didn't get a chance to beg them to send some -- sorry.

Tomorrow they will go with the girls (and all of the other families in their group) to the US Consulate's office to have the girls sworn in as US Citizens. No cameras allowed in the building so we won't be able to see that important step. Only one more full day in China and then it's back to the good old USA.