Friday, October 06, 2006

Day 3 in China - Today Tara and Dirk visited the Great Wall. They claim to have climbed to the highest point in Beijing and have certificates to prove it! What I don't have are pictures as they couldn't seem to get them sent -- wonder if that is just a cover up? I have included some pictures of the Great Wall so we can at least see what they visited and if they ever get the 'real' ones sent, I'll add those as well. They said they were eating only Chinese food and only with chop sticks and plan to be nice and slim when they return home. Are having a great time and looking very forward to next week.

UPDATE - Finally, we have the 'real deal', pictures from Tara and Dirk's Day 3. They visited a Jade Factory, the Great Wall, Ming Tombs, and a Tea House. I've left the other pictures of the Great Wall that should display below these.