Friday, October 20, 2006

Day 17 in China - Today was the last full day for Tara, Dirk, and the girls to spend in China. It is also the day the girls were sworn in as US Citizens and get their American Visas -- only one more step, having their Visas stamped in the US and setting foot on US soil and they will be official, sound pretty good to me!

They also had their Farewell Dinner with the group, not to be confused with their Farefell Lunch on Saturday:) Mom and girls wore matching traditional Chinese dresses and Dad has a special Dragon jacket -- they were the best dressed family there! Unfortunately we have no pictures because the camera batteries died :( The group has exchanged email addresses however and have all promised to share pictures so hopefully we'll see them yet. The China Team has also taken many pictures throughout the process and will have a CD for each of the families before they leave on Saturday.

When I spoke with them it was Friday night in China and they were trying to pack, Tara said everytime she put something into the suitcase one of the girls would promptly remove it so it's becoming a pretty slow process. The girls were still up and having a great time, I could hear them in the background chattering away and singing up a storm. They seem to be learning more English every day.

I'm hoping they can get some pictures sent before they leave China and if so I will get them added to the blog as soon as possible but Saturday will be a busy day. They must have luggage out by 11:00 am, the Farewell Lunch, and then leaving for the airport around 3:00 pm. Their flight leaves at 9:00 pm Saturday night China Time (8:00 am Saturday morning Texas time). Many people who adopt from China request twins but of course most don't get them. Some of the families in their group have been asking them why they were able to get twins. Dirk told them they had thousands of people praying for them, guess those prayers were answered because I think they've got the best. Just keep those prayers coming cause we've still got to get them home. Look out Seminole, the Lindseys will be home soon and Dad says his little darlings are hellions :)