Wednesday, October 18, 2006

OK, since we haven't gotten any pictures yet for today I thought I'd make a nice collage of 'my' favorites that we could look at until we got something new. Sooo I decided to buy a new photo editor program I've been reading about, went to their website,gave them my credit card info, and downloaded the program. Isn't the Internet great, you don't even have to go to the store!! I've gotten addicted to ebay too :) they've got great Hair Bows and we now have them in EVERY color!! Anyway, back to my story --- I thought I'd start with some of the Gotcha Day pictures, I love them so much - Tara and Dirk look so very happy and those little girls look so scared at first but then just seem to know that they've finally met their Mom and Dad. Anyway, I dump all of those pictures into my program and start seeing lots of pictures I hadn't ever seen before. I was so excited! Only thing I can figure is that when they sent me these pictures that day, between the excitement of getting to see these two little darlings, trying to hurry up and get them posted to the blog so everyone else could have a peek too, and knowing I had to run to get to the airport I just must have missed them. Anyway, I forgot all about the collage and just did another side show. I've included those first pictures we all saw that day (they're some of my favorites) and then the 'new' ones too. Now, I know you are wondering about the cat picture, you see that IS the first picture I saw when I first downloaded the pictures Tara had sent me -- I thought oh no, not another cat, we wanted kids!!