Sunday, October 22, 2006

HOMECOMING - There was quite a crowd waiting at the Lubbock Airport with balloons, signs, cameras and cheers when Mom, Dad, and girls arrived -- even one of the local TV stations was there to cover the great event! After many hugs, kisses, tears, and cheers we were all off to Seminole - minus all but one bag as the luggage did not arrive with the passengers. The First Baptist Church had a great Welcome Home sign that we all enjoyed (pictures of that will come later) and when we all got to the edge of town traveling to the girls new home there was quite a crowd waiting at "Chubbies" (a local restaurant) - what a welcome home! There were signs and cheers all along the way and a police escort all the way home.

The house was all decked out for the Homecoming, complete with Christmas lights and yard decorations -- Christmas surely did come early this year to the Lindsey home. Waiting at the house were more well wishers including the Seminole High School Cheerleaders and great friends.

More surprises were to come -- first the girls' room, Tamera and Sonya did a "little" more decorating while Tara and Dirk were in China and it is adorable! Then it was off to the back yard where there was a new swing set, guard for the trampoline and two of the cutest little pink cars, the girls loved it. How very special to live in such a great town! There were also enchiladas, queso and chips that we all enjoyed, especially Tara!

I (Mimi) apologize for the delay in getting this posted, been a little busy playing with these two little darlings, but know everyone has been patiently, or not so patiently waiting for these pictures -- enjoy! and I've got more to add.